Due to Android open source software, the Android Market is an unlocked treasure chest waiting for you to open it.

I bet you're thinking right now, "There's no way I can create an app that would hit mainstream Android Market."

I too thought that, and did a little investigating. Via Youtube or even just Google, I have found countless tutorials and walkthroughs on mastering a developer's main program, Android SDK. From there you can make any type of app you desire, from games to entertainment apps.

I haven't done a ton of research, but I believe you need some sort of JavaScript knowledge or at least the ability to quickly adapt and grab certain parts of code from tutorials.

I have played a little bit with it, in hopes of creating an app for the site in the future, and am pleasantly surprised with how much of the community makes it easy to learn and adventure with it. I would really recommend checking it out if you are into that kind of stuff or like learning.

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