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Why Android?

Well here it is, just for you. There are many advantages to having an Android from any other phone (iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, ect.), and if you are the person that is looking for reasons to switch, look no further.

1. Android Market

The Android Market is one of the newest App place around. With that being said, it has the greatest growth out of any market anywhere. This include Apple's iPhones. It's growth rate is substantial and there are even well over 450,000 apps on the Android Market.

How is this possible? This rolls into Google's amazing idea of making Android an open source software. Due to it being open, anyone (including you), can create programs or "apps" designed for an Android device. (However, just because you test it on your device does not mean it will work on them all. This is because each manufacturer tweaks the open source software to make it their own.)

2. Customization

This goes off of the fact that Android is open source software. When people are able to create their own apps and games, you get apps that can customize your device, such as GO Launcher, GO SMS, ect. GO is known for its ability to give its users the ability to customize anything they desire.

After app customization, there is rooting. I'm not talking about planting flowers or trees, I'm talking about "unlocking" or "jailbreaking" (for you iPhone users). When you root your phone, you get Superuser access, which allows you to alter system files of your root directory (huzzah, that's why it's called rooting!) When you root, you can install what we call a ROM. That essentially is a customized and altered Android OS (Operating System). It's like upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 in the Android realm. CAUTION: Rooting does void warranties, there are ways around that, however.

With a ROM you can do virtually anything to your phone. Speed it up, change colors, if there is a developer working on your phone, the possibilities are endless. Combine that with your unique phone, and you're set.

3. Accessibility

When we, as a human need something, we need it now. Convenience factor comes in. Android is the "convenience factor". If you need something to occupy a kid's time, you go to the market and get one. If you heard about a new song, you can easily check it out on Youtube or on your browser. If you need something, you can get it. Another thing about convenience is the built in design. It comes with a music app, camera app, ect. and it is extremely easy to find. I found myself a little lost when I played around with an iPhone for the first time.

The last big thing in this section, and the sole reason I chose Android, is its app deck and app list. When I played with the iPhone I noticed there was an excessive amount of horizontal scrolling. Now why would you emphasize something with horizontal scrolling? If you know websites at all, you know the best ones are strictly vertical. That's what appealed to me about Android.

4. Diversity

Have you ever heard someone say "this new iPhone 4S looks so much cooler than the older iPhones!"

Me neither. All of the competitors' phones are all the same. Android is the only smart phone with a wide variety of different models, with tons of different manufacturers. Why? That ties back into the open source software. There are so many advantages that make you want to choose Android.

5. Community

Last and certainly not least, community. Community is a big part of Android's success. There are countless forums, websites, blogs (like me), that have knowledge and expertise in the subject of Android. That means that if you have a problem or issue with your phone, someone can help you. Because odds are, they have already had that issue and know exactly what to do.

I recently have started figuring out how huge the Android community is, and it's not surprising that so many people enjoy their phone so much that they want to connect with other people with the same devices.

6. Battery

I really feel that, compared to my previous, non-Android phones, my battery life is impeccable. I used to have to go through 2 or 3 batteries a day, or even be stricken to the charger multiple times a day, and I don't have to worry about that anymore. Especially since my phone is my mp3 player as well. Now, that might be due to knowing the tips and tricks behind getting the maximum out of your battery, but I think otherwise. Android has definitely came a long way.

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