Doing some digging around the web, and I have come to realize that Android doesn't exist. It is simply Android-compatible. The definition of open source software has been brought to my attention which triggered my inspiration.

Open Source

Open source software: software whose source code is published and made available to the public.

What this means is that anyone that has access to (under licensed agreement) study, change, improve, and even sometimes distribute.

Think about that for a second. With the above in mind, think about LG, HTC, Samsung, Sony, and even DROID. Do you really believe that all of those companies are using the exact same code?

Of course not. The code variations are the reason why they are unique, the reason why they have 3 buttons at the bottom of the home page versus 4 or 5. If all of the phones were simply "Android" they would be identical in all aspects of interface, speeds (most of speeds anyways), and accessibility .

This brings me back to the title, "Android doesn't exist." The Android HTC Vivid exist. The Android LG Thrill 4G exists. Without the name of the phone, Android isn't there.

Because Android’s development is contributed by Google and, "The Google name", its software, its services, and its prestige to Android, we treat Android like it's the operating system used in all phones down to the last line of code, just like Windows is Microsoft’s operating system for the desktop. More to the point, we treat the OS as if it’s one thing. It isn’t.

In my previous articles, Android 4.0 Truly is, "All About the Money" and Internet Heroes Save the Android 4.0 Mess Up, I address the problem of plenty of phones getting "left behind" from the big Android 4.0 update. It is believed that the reasons for this is because Google's Android OS is open source software, which is causing there to be a lot of new devices being created (I'm not complaining though). But the fact of the matter is that with all of these phones taking the Android OS and customizing it, when Google updates it (like 4.0) some of the smart phones are incapable of updating and using it. To be able to update, the phone creators would have to spend valuable time and money to catch up. It just isn't worth it.

To solve this problem, Google would have to open up Android completely to everyone and also lose money themselves. It's a battle of business, and Google will win every time. But everyone makes due, and until a major update like Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, everyone is happy.

To sum everything up, the software Google provides phone companies is access to all of the Apps on the Android Market. Only most of the apps will work, however. Then rest is up to the creators.

Why do you think the distinction between Android and Android-compatible matters?
Because when you say you are the owner of an Android phone, you are wrong. You are the owner of an LG, Samsung, Motorola, ect. phone with LG, Samsung, or Motorola software. Google is practically invisible on your mobile device.

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