The new Motorola Razr is one of the most impressive mobile devices ever released. Not only does this model boast stunning looks and some great software but it also has a range of accessories available that enhance the appeal of the device. We take a look at what additional options you can add to your Razr handset to extend the functionality of the phone.

Motorola RAZR

Last year Motorola launched the excellent Atrix device which could be linked to a dedicated laptop dock to turn the handset into a portable computer. The public loved this idea so it is no surprise to see the same option available with the new Razr. The improved Laptop 500 Pro offers a large 14 inch display and a full Qwerty keypad which effectively converts the Razr phone into a fully functioning netbook. Beneath the keypad the dock features a large touchpad which enables you to navigate the mouse pointer around the screen in a similar manner to a conventional portable computer. The Laptop 500 Pro offers a wealth of connection options that enable the unit to be paired with a variety of computer based accessories. An ethernet port allows an internet connection to be plugged directly into the unit rather than relying upon a 3G or WiFi service. Two USB ports are also featured which can be used to connect devices such as printers and external hard drives and a VGA terminal means that the equipment can be easily linked to a projector system. Despite the Razr handset offering a micro SD card slot the docking option also sports a full size SD card slot which is perfect for transferring material from a dedicated still camera or camcorder.

The hardware available for the Motorola Razr is impressive but it is also backed up by some excellent software. The model includes a Weptop application that customises the user interface so that it is much more suited for use on a large screen than the standard Android UI that you use on the phone itself. The interface uses a number of windows to display various programmes in a similar manner to what we expect from a conventional laptop. Along the bottom of the screen the user is presented with a number of shortcuts to applications that are installed. Web browsing on the Razr via the Laptop 500 Pro is also impressive as the phone sports a desktop version of the Mozilla Firefox browser to give a very satisfying and familiar online experience.

The Motorola Razr is one of the best mobile devices currently available thanks to some superb specification and stunning looks. What this phone also offers which many of its main rivals do not is access to accessories such as the Laptop 500 Pro which transform the phone from a mobile device into a fully functioning portable computer. This further adds to the appeal of this outstanding model.
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