After reading the post from titled, "Android 4.0 updates: It is all about the money" I did my own research as well and fully back up his claim. With the new update being only for new phones, they are forcing us to upgrade, and it isn't cost efficient. It is a world-wide outrage.

The updates that are included for 4.0 are:
  • Different UI (eye candy)
  • Multitasking upgrade
  • Home screen folders and trays
  • New resizable widgets
  • Quick response for incoming calls
  • Swipe to dismiss notifications
  • Improved text input and spell-checking
  • Powerful voice inputvengine
  • Control over network data
  • Designed for accessability
This upgrade, although still more of an upgrade than the iPhone's 4S from the iPhone 4, isn't as spectacular as it seems.

I have an LG G2x and I can say myself that I don't have a problem rejecting calls, getting into folders, multitasking (it's a gift), texting, or accessing anything. Maybe I am just considered tech savy, but it can't be too difficult.

The thing I see them doing is changing everything a little, just enough to call it an upgrade, when in fact, it confuses and manipulates people into throwing money away. I love and support Android to the fullest, but I am a specification kind of guy. The whole upgrade is about eye candy.

My advice to anyone who currently has a perfectly operating Android smart phone, don't upgrade unless it is motivated by a combination of factors other than "it's the latest." Just root your phone is you want a different "feel".

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