Android Ice Cream Sandwich
See Android 4.0 Truly is "All About the Money" for the upgrade and how it is missing critical new smart phones.

The astonishing, eye-candy interface and innovative designing, Android 4.0 upgrade is the most hyped update since the iPhone 4S. With that in mind, Android will not be giving this upgrade to all loyal current customers.

Luckily, internet heroes are currently stepping in and doing Android's work, for free to little money. These heroes are modding developer teams spread across the globe. They will be bringing "the left behinds" back into the game- and then some.

By announcing that certain smart phones will not be receiving the upgrade, Android has unknowingly unleashed caffeine injected modders into overdrive, due to the increasingly high demand for a fix.

As we speak, there is 10+ people working to make hundreds of thousands of people happy by creating a ROM that will be available by rooting your phone to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). It is being uploaded to sites like XDA Developers for people to text out and give feedback, and is becoming a large community goal.

The LG G2x and Galaxy S are the first smart phones that I am aware of being currently worked on to catch up to the update.You can prepare to shed tears of happiness in the next month, no thanks to Android. Both ROMs are fully working except for phone call microphones, cameras, and some data connections.

After a ton of hate mail, complaining, and I wouldn't doubt death threats, various companies have reportedly announced that their phones will be on-board with the upgrade. These include Sony, Samsung, and the newest HTC phones such as the the Vivid.

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