I have learned today that along with giving us quality phones, Android is logging our appearance. After reading a recent article, 30% of all male Android users have freckles, leaving the other 70% with at least slightly cleaner skin.

Mr. Android

Mr. Android is all of the statistics from 2011 combined into a single man. Studies from Bluestacks.com show an "infographic" that is 36% American, 28% Asian, and 27% European. Along with these is 37% of a pair of glasses.

The profile also indicates that 47% of male Android users have black hair, 38% brown hair, 9% blonde, 3% red, and 3% "other."

Out of the survey takers, 72% had a normal sized head, the other 18% (me included), had an abnormally large head. The majority wore a casual t-shirt (71%) and the other 29% dress-shirts. In correlation, 38% record using their phone for work, leaving 62% for personal uses. We have a lot of toy lovers.

Speaking of toys, 9% report having an Android tablet but not a phone and 33% have never bought an app! Lastly, Mr. Android (the average Android male) uses 582MB of data.

More random stats are:
  • 63% have a significant other
  • 62% wear jeans
  • 45% wear a watch
  • 41% wear sneakers
  • 21% wear dress pants
  • 13% have more than 50 apps
  • 6% wear khakis
  • 5% wear flip-flops
Am I the only person that is glad to see that over half of Android phone using males are studs with girlfriends? Lets break this whole thing down.

We wear a t-shirt and jeans, a watch, sneakers, clean skin, and black or brown hair. And we have a girlfriend. Sounds about right to me!

For the complete picture of what I have put above, with more stats, go to Bluestacks.

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