My motto is simple. Well not literally "simple" but it's not overly complicated or hard to remember. My promises to everyone is that all of my information and posts will be:

1. Real.

     I know we all have searched for a topic from different websites and all of them have the exact same information as each other, only to find out that all of those three websites were incorrect. Myself, as a reader and student, cannot stand that. Here you won't have to worry about information being stolen or incorrect.

2. Relevant

     The world wide web is huge, and that means there are a lot of unrelated and off-topic material. When you finally get where you wanted to go you went through the Maharani Desert and back. There's one topic and one topic only, Android. No deserts, no fluff.

3. Rapid

     Think about all of the different meanings of the word "rapid". The way you are assuming I am using the word's context in, you are correct. I mean rapid in every meaning of the word. My articles are quick and too the point. They are posted often. They are fast flowing.

     Android Advantage is "All Things Android" like stated at the top of the screen. If you have any questions relating to a phone, app, specification, or game, send me an email ( and I will guarantee an article response in less than a day.

     Along with the promise stated above, expect an update on the site, daily.